Kathleen A. Schneider

Kathy and Jerry met at a church sponsored pool party in 1968 fell in love and were married in 1972.  Kathy and Jerry conceived three wonderful children, Trisha, Erica, and Robert.

Kathy is a registered nurse, RN, and worked two and three nursing jobs concurrently to put Jerry through engineering college and later to support the family to allow the starting of the engineering company Schneider Structural Engineering.

Kathleen A. Schneider was indispensable to the founding of the businesses.

Kathy’s support and commitment to Jerry and the Schneider family was essential to the starting and ongoing operations of SSE.

Kathy is currently the Secretary to the Board of Schneider-Sharples Corporation.  Schneider-Sharples Corporation is the parent corporation.  Schneider-Sharples Corporation provides the association of structural engineering firms in Omaha.

Kathy and Jerry share in the ethical and moral tenants that have been guiding the operations of the companies since their inception.

Kathy’s insight, exceptional intuition, support, and recommendations make Kathy an indispensable Partner.

Kathy has earned a reputation as a remarkable nurse in surgery and in Labor and Delivery. Kathy has earned the respect and accolades of doctors and patients from around the metropolitan area.