Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. (SSE) is proud to present and offer a broad Diversity of Engineering Services. SSE has found a great wealth of Structural Engineering expertise.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. is proud to provide superior Forensic Engineering along with Structural Engineering Expert services and Expert Witness services.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. is very proud of the many diverse, and unusual structural engineering successes throughout the years. These successes include research and investigations, multistory steel and concrete structures, partnerships with manufacturers, and many other types of projects.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. (SSE) also has expertize in traditional structural engineering services

We are proud of our unique engineering and specialized experience in industrial, food processing, meat processing and refrigerated and freezer structure design.

SSE has an experienced group of senior engineers and principals. Our engineers are licensed and certified as Structural Engineers (SE) in many states across the US.


including commercial, residential, and architectural support services.  WE are proud of the quality, efficiency and timeliness, of our team to support your project’s needs.

We will support large projects effectively and enjoy and welcome the smallest of structural engineering projects with equal enthusiasm.


$40 Million Dollar California Design Build Fast Track Food Facility