21,000 sq.ft. CMU RASAJA Office Building
Midwest Construction Services
La Vista, NE

Contractor: K&K Masonry, Inc

Architect: Torson Robert Architects, Omaha, NE 68114

Designed by: Ratul D. Sarmah


This 21,000 sq.ft. attractive CMU building is characterized by 26-ft clear wall opening for windows on 3 sides. Large steel lintels off pilasters spaced at 30-ft., supported the CMU above windows. CMU walls were designed to span horizontally between pilasters by the use of DUR-O-Wal Truss Double Extra Heavy truss reinforcement.


Special slip-joint at steel lintel bearing which coincided with wall vertical control joint to control cracking were the special design feature of the project.


Keywords: Masonry, CMU-Concrete Block, Commercial, Architectural, Office, Steel, Foundations,