Standard of Care

The Standard of Care is the bar of competent engineering performance.  The Standard of Care bar is used to determine if the engineer’s performance is negligent. or competent.   The level of the engineering performance bar must be defined or determined to define acceptable engineering performance.

The engineer has a duty to perform his professional services in a manner equivalent to engineers experienced in practicing in similar types of projects, practicing under similar circumstances.

The term Standard of Care is initially nebulous and  ambivalent until the final determination is afforded.  Experts experienced in the area of contention of the engineering performance are often called as experts to testify as to their knowledge of the specific engineering incident’s Standard of Care.

Schneider Structural Engineering understands that our opinion of the Standard of Care will be presented in a factual, knowledgeable, and convincing way.

. Schneider Structural Engineering will provide an opinion defining the Standard of Care with our knowledge of engineering performance.



Minimum competence is a term used and coined by the National Council of Engineering Examiners (NCEES) to determine the minimum engineering knowledge and ability to be licensed as a professional or structural engineer.  NCEES writes and grades the engineering examinations used by the individual states to test and provide engineering licensure.

Jerald Schneider was the past chairman of the NCEES structural examination committee for five years and has been involved with NCEES for over ten years.  This provides invaluable knowledge and experience in the determination of engineering minimum competence expectations and requirements. Other engineers and partners have been involved with NCEES engineering examinations for many years.

This article is intended to provide general information regarding standard of care as understood by the author and the author is not an attorney. It is not to be considered in any manner to be legal advise.