Structural Engineer of Record (SER)

The codified requirement for special structural inspections was published in the 1997 Uniform Building Code and has been refined and has been included in all of the succeeding International Building Codes (IBC). These requirements have created the term Structural Engineer of Record (SER).  The Structural Engineer of Record has many responsibilities that extend beyond the tasks included with structural design.

The Structural Engineer of Record or SER, takes responsibility to specify, coordinate and oversee the the structural special inspection and testing requirements necessary to assure that a given structure is safely constructed.

The importance of the role of SER has become an essential element in the design and construction process.  The lack of proper special inspections has led to delays in obtaining final occupancy permits and in some cases litigation.

The International Building Code (IBC) lists the minimum structural inspections and minimum testing requirements for an average structure.

The SER uses the IBC recommendations and compiles a comprehensive specification of special inspection an testing requirements that are unique to the structure that he has designed.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc.(SSE) has an extensive track record of successful structural and full service engineering projects. SSE has been the Structural Engineer of Record in many projects exceeding $50 million dollars in constructed value. The experience of materials designed has been extensive from site cast concrete, slip formed, tilt up, precast, structural steel, masonry, and many other materials that were best suited to the project, the region, and usage of the facility.

Each selected structural material presents unique special structural inspection requirements.  SSE has a vast array of experience.