What is a Structural Engineer (SE) ?

Structural Engineering is a specialty of Civil Engineering that includes the design and analysis of structures and components.  Structural Engineers are accomplished individuals that are capable of working with various materials including the common materials of concrete, steel, masonry and wood.  The Structural engineer also feels comfortable working with more exotic materials of aluminum, fiber reinforced composites and other materials.

The Structural engineer designs for forces from gravity, floor and equipment loads, wind, seismic and other forces. 

What does it mean to be a licensed Structural Engineer ?

Your licensed Structural Engineer has graduated from an ABET accredited university in Civil Engineering.

After graduation the engineer takes and passes an eight hour Fundamentals Examination (FE) and is an Engineering Intern (EI).

After four years of acceptable experience under the guidance of a Licensed Professional Engineer, the Engineering Intern takes an eight hour Principles and Practice examination. After successfuly passing the eight hour Principles and Practice examination, the person is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE).

There are thirteen states and territories of the United States that have additional testing and licensing requirements for Structural Engineers (SE).

Most of SE states require an additional 16 hours of Structural Engineering examinations.  The additional 16 hours of examinations assures that the SE has intimate and broad based knowledges of Structural Engineering.

Licensed SE’s are the only people that can legally use the acronym SE as a title after their name. It is common to see the engineer designation,

John Smith, PE, SE

indicating that he is a Professional Engineer (PE) and has taken additional examinations to use the designation Structural Engineer (SE).

Why you should I hire a licensed SE?

When you work with a licensed SE you can be assured that you have found a highly qualified individual that has documented his knowledge of Structural Engineering by taking and passing 16 additional hours of structural engineering examinations.

Aren’t all licensed PE’s the same?

Licensed PE’s can perform many engineering services competantly. A licensed SE is an engineer that has certified his ability in the specialty of Structural Engineering.

Can Structural Engineers save you money ?

The extensive knowledge of Structural Engineers can save you construction costs, fabrication and manufacturing costs by designing efficiently with the minimum material that properly performs.