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Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. (SSE) is proud to present some of our extensive engineering experience. SSE has an experienced group of senior engineers and principals. Our engineers are licensed and certified as Structural Engineers (SE) in many states across the US.

We are proud to present a summary of our project design experiences to convince our partners of our abilities to provide a high quality, state of the art design. Our project files have been created by the design engineers that have worked and designed the projects that have been written about.

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Multi-Million Dollar Projects Completed

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. is very proud of the many diverse, and unusual structural engineering successes throughout the years. These successes include research and investigations, multistory steel and concrete structures, partnerships with manufacturers, and many other types of projects.

SSE is very proud of the variety, the complexity and the size of  the design projects successfully completed.  SSE has been the Professional Engineer of record on dozens of projects exceeding $20 million in constructed costs.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. (SSE) has been the design partner on many Fast Track Design Build projects and is proud of the Fast Track and Design Build project experience.