Description of Project Phases

Design projects are often separated and identified by phases.  The common phase terminology used is Schematic Design(SD), Design Development(DD), and Construction Administration(CA).


Schematic Design is the initial phase of a design project. The project closely defined in this phase of the project.  The owner and the lead professional define the requirements of the structure and the facility.  The size and configuration along with the finish requirements are usually defined in this initial Schematic Design phase.


In some circumstances the owner may wish to have the project and facility constructed costs estimated.  With the Schematic Design phase completed an estimated constructed cost estimate can be prepared. Changes can be made at this initial stage to correct project costs to maintain the budget and financing available.


Design Development(DD) phase that the design, calculations, specifications and drawings are created.  The information obtained in the Schematic Design phase is used as a map to generate the final design documents.


Construction Administration(CA) phase provides engineering oversight on the construction and quality assurance of the constructed project.


Construction Administration(CA) includes the jurisdictional code required special inspections. Special Inspections is a duty of the Structural Engineer of Record(SER) and has become an essential requirement to obtaining the final occupancy permit.



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