Schematic Design Phase

Schematic Design is the initial phase of a design project. The project closely defined in this phase of the project.  The owner and the lead professional define the requirements of the structure and the facility.  The size and configuration along with the finish requirements are usually defined in this initial Schematic Design phase.

In an industrial facility operating temperatures, equipment requirements, sanitary requirements, lighting and many other basic requirements are defined by the owner and the lead professional.

The successful completion of the Schematic Design phase provides all of the information required to complete the Design Development phase of the design project.




The schematic Design phase is essential to a successful and timely project.  Without complete and thorough project definition there is an increasing potential for design delays and extra costs due to a lack of good information resulting in inefficient design processes.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. has a great deal of successful experience as the Engineer of Record and providing Schematic Design Services.  The success of these projects is directly attributed to the thorough Schematic Design Services that provided a complete roadmap for the design and construction services that followed.

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