Engineer of Record

Since the collapse and disaster of the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel’s walkway on July 17, 1981, there have been ongoing efforts to eliminate the possibility of other structural collapses.  The role of the Architect or Engineer of record has been an integral recommendation to reduce the potential of future disasters.

The role and requirement of an engineer of record has been legislated by many states as a requirement for new construction.The engineer of record is the professional that leads the team of professionals to obtain a successful facility. This effort includes coordination and selection of a team of professional engineers and architects.  This is not to be confused with the essential roles and duties of the Structural Engineer of Record (SER).

It is common practice for the professional of record to be the project architect on many commercial and residential project types. On heavy industrial and food related facilities is common to have an engineer experience in the industrial or food processes to to be the professional of record.

Schneider Structural Engineering (SSE) has successfully taken the lead as the Engineer of Record on a number of major industrial projects. Based on an experienced team of engineers and support staff, SSE has been the engineer of record on of large projects as large as $60 million.

SSE’s has been chosen to be the Engineer of Record because of its extensive experience and knowledge in Food Facilities, Meat Processing Facilities, Ethanol, Bio diesel, Heavy industrial Facilities, and other areas of expertise. (SSE services). 

SSE has put together technologically unique and complicated sanitary clean facilities in food and meat facilities by leading a team of select engineers. SSE coordinated the structure, the finishes, mechanical systems, the sophisticated air and HEPA systems into highly successful facilities that has been praised in numerous trade publications.