Ethanol and Biodiesel

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. (SSE) has been selected to be the Structural Engineer on a number of large Ethanol and Biodiesel facilities across the United States.

More than a decade ago SSE started providing structural design services for alternative fuel facilities.  SSE’s vast experience in heavy industrial, grain handling, and food processing provided the design experience and knowledge to be the selected engineer on numerous ethanol and biodiesel facilities.

SSE has large amount of experience that allows insight into the economic efficiencies required from the proper selection of efficient structural systems uniquely selected for each facility.

Economic realities often dictate an accelerated construction schedule. to assure that the alternative fuel facility is constructed to meet the demands of the owner(s) to maximize the returns on their large dollar investments.

All participants appreciate SSE’s accurate constructed cost estimates and accurate feasibility studies for acknowledgement of the successful financial outcome of the completed facility.

SSE has gained a reputation of Fast Track and accelerated structural designs to meet and exceed the requirements of the contractor, owner, and of the project schedule. 

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc.(SSE) has a vast depth of experience with working with fast paced demanding projects that are typical of Design Build projects where SSE has been selected by the contractor to accommodate expedited construction schedules.

SSE has helped assure quality of the constructed project by specifying and providing a program of Special Structural Inspections as the Structural Engineer of Record on the numerous Ethanol and Biodiesel facility experiences.

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