Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering Services

Failure analysis is a process of scientific investigative procedures that provides evidence and facts that provide the likely precipitating cause of the failure.

Forensic engineering is means the scientific process of determining a cause of an event, such as a structural failure, after the event has occurred.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. provides scientific forensic evidence and presents the facts so that a layperson can understand and will be persuaded.

The process begins with a team of structural engineers (SE.’s) assigned from the qualified staff of Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc.(SSE). SSE’s staff includes many Doctors (PHD’s) of Engineering, who are experienced and qualified to provide the research and analysis to determine the cause of failure.

The initial collection of facts include visual and verbal statements. The initial facts are collected, reviewed and studied. A team of expert structural engineers (SE’s) review the initial collection of data and facts and hypothesizes possible failure scenarios that fits the collected data.

The Team of SE’s determines to provide additional investigation to prove or to disprove each hypothesized failure mode.  Additional investigation techniques may include destructive or non-destructive techniques. Non-destructive techniques includes material testing, X-ray and ultrasounds, and additional photographic reviews and analysis.  Destructive techniques include physical sampling, and deconstructing the structure to determine the configuration of the interior.

The process of investigation and hypothesis continues to cycle until a single likely cause is the logical conclusion of the data.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering Expert Witness services with a highly educated staff of SE’s and Phd’s

Failures often result in in legal recovery and the need for Expert Witnesses. SSE provides structural engineering Expert Witness services.

We understand that the audience for the report is not technical engineers. The results of the research and investigation is presented in a report that includes graphical representations to clearly explain in non-technical terms the cause of the failure.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. is experienced in the area of Forensics or Construction Investigation. We have conducted many studies of existing buildings to determine the cause of a failure and the best possible solution for repair. Our engineering staff is trained in the areas of steel, concrete, and precast to mention a few. This knowledge base gives Schneider Engineering the advantage to assess the problem and formulate the solution quickly and accurately.

Our experience includes residential, commercial, and industrial structures.  The engineers at SSE our experienced in many diverse materials.