Structural Engineering Expert Services

Expert Witness Services

The legal system is called to resolve problems with structures that will not be corrected otherwise.  In many instances the cause of the structural problem is not known and the Expert is called to determine the cause and the best solution. The expert is also asked to determine if the industry Standard of Care has been met.


Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. has the right combination of Ph.d education, SE licensing, 20 yrs. experience, and engineering abilities.

Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. has a exceptional staff of Doctors of Engineering, and licensed Structural Engineer SE’s. (See what is a SE?)

The role of an Expert Witness starts with the Structural Investigation of the purported problems. In the most severe situations the expert witness must determine the cause of a structural or building collapse. In most situations the problem is related to water intrusion, or excessive movement of the structure, similar serviceability issues.

The discovery of the problem and the cause at a latter date is called Forensic Analysis or Forensic Engineering. Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. has a reputation of unsurpassed Forensic Engineering.

A Code Review of the minimum design and construction requirements is researched. The building code requirements at the time of constructions may be significantly different then the current minimum requirements.  Schneider Structural Engineering is familiar with and has used all of the building codes within the last 40 years.

The accurate cost to repair the problem is an important and essential duty of the Expert Witness.  Schneider Structural Engineering, Inc. has a long running history of accurate Constructed Cost Estimates

Graphical presentations and 3-D computer graphics and animations are the final essential element to defining and presenting the problem and issues to lay people.

The Standard of Care is the industry standards of minimum practice. Determining if the Standard of Care is an essential component of negligence accusations.


Schnieder Structural Engineering, Inc. is licensed in many states and US jurisdictions and has accumulated over 20 years of Structural Engineering Experience..